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Awareness and Action Research for Youth Awakening (AARYA)

College initiated Intercollegiate Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Competition In year 2018-2019, the college designed and initiated AARYA intercollegiate interdisciplinary competition to showcase outstanding research at the undergraduate level conducted by students with the following objectives:

To provide:

  • The opportunity to share their research ideas and results at a special forum that provides visibility for their work.
  • A platform to interact with attendees to share ideas, gain new insights, and understand possible practical applications.
  • Constructive feedback about their research and presentation, from a panel of distinguished judges from industry and academia.
  • Recognize and reward outstanding student research.

This competition is open to First Year or Second Year Degree College students who are currently a bonafide undergraduate students from any University. Group entries as well as individual entries are also accepted.

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