“The Highest Law of Love is Service”

Principal’s Desk

Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Vishaka Ashish Karnad

In-charge Principal

2023 Dec 1st – present

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, Parents of Students, Alumni, and Employers of our Students, Our Well-Wishers and All Our Stakeholders,
The theme of our College this year 2023-2024 is “Transformation and Triumph for Shaping the Future“. We, as a college, are looking forward to some phenomenal changes and transformations with the NEP introduced in the education system, greater collaborations, sustainable innovations and collective initiatives for community development and societal welfare. We are envisioning greater success and aiming for higher levels of excellence. This we can do only through you my dear friends! We focus on personal and professional growth, to ignite the spirit of an entrepreneur, to inculcate values of respect for people and belongings, worthy for ethical research and to contribute to the underprivileged for a  sustainable economy.
In this fast-changing world of business and education scenario with NEP, we will have challenges and opportunities that collide. It is important for us to stand out as a strong player with innovation and strategic thinking collectively for execution, as one big adaptable and agile team. With our human forces, with cutting-edge tools and mindsets, we go ahead with integrating technology to streamline operations, boosting visibility and social reach, setting up a research and entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing frameworks with guidance, and support from authorities, seniors, experts and alumni. Transformative leaders help shape the future of businesses in this ever-evolving landscape of education. Change is necessary for growth as our own lives demonstrate transformation.
Effective change is based on God۪’s Word, along with strong on self-will or self-improvement efforts. The world outside should be able to look at us and notice a prominent type of difference or the alternate route that we take as a result of our walk on God’s will. The Word of God is above whatever temporary obstacles we would be experiencing. We are triumphant over all obstacles because the power of God to change circumstances operates within us.
So here’s more power to:
Revolutionising Leadership
Expanding Horizons
Advocacy for Success
Strengthening Scope by Embedding Strengths in Our Culture
Working our Creative Minds together: A New Venture
2023-2024 leads us to A New Chapter of Aspirations.
Expressing Gratitude to all who Impact our Lives and Looking Forward to Collective Action……
-Professor Dr. Vishaka Ashish Karnad
I/C Principal
On behalf of the IQAC and College Management
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