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Guidance for Competitive Exams

Teachers in college are very committed in guiding students outside class in case they need facilitation for preparation of competitive exams like NET, SET, Registered Dietitian (RD) etc. on an informal basis.

Career Counselling

Career counselling for Home Science Degree Programme is carried out with the objectives of making the students aware of the courses they will be mastering during their degree programme; making them acquainted with future prospects of the specializations, job prospects and opportunities for further studies.

Further, we believe that our alumnae are one of our strongest advocates. Thus, departments invite their alumnae every now and then to take sessions/workshops/for talks, guide young minds through their experience of work world.

Remedial Coaching

The faculty encourages the slow learners, gifted students and the students who need support in academics, theory and practical, for improving their performance. The classes are conducted without disturbing the regular instructional hours.

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills consist of personal attributes/qualities that enable one to manage different domains of one’s life and interpersonal relationships more effectively and harmoniously. The college conducts different programmes/sessions/workshops aimed at soft skills training targeted to enhance these attributes in students that are essential for growth and success in personal and professional life.

Bridge Course

If a learner does not have the suitable subject background for direct entry to first year Master’s level, or he/she has not studied the relevant subjects in the required depth then he/she might need to undertake a bridging course to bring the skills and knowledge of the learner to in level with graduate learners from our institute.

The course is open to all M.Sc. registered students (non-home science and home science students from other universities eligible for the Master’s Home Science programmes) who wish to avail of this opportunity of gaining the basics of Home Science in the chosen field of the specializations. This course enables aspirant students who have sought admission for M.Sc. (Home Science Courses). It equips candidates with relevant knowledge and skills to help them cope with curriculum of the Master’s programme under the respective branches. 

Personal Counselling Centre

Personal counseling provides an opportunity to explore your concerns in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Some of the reasons students come to counselling are; dealing with stress, losses, difficult relationships, feeling isolated or depressed, concerns with academic performance and many others. Our professional counselor can support the students through whatever challenges they are facing and help them reach their personal and academic goals.


Diet Counselling Centre

A diet counselling center has been established by the college as some students face the problem of underweight and obesity as well as have other health related issues. One of the major activities of the cell is the health mela which is held annually. This is conducted for the teaching, non-teaching and support staff and students. Various activities such as assessment of body composition, bone mineral density, lung function capacity as well as screening for anaemia and thalassemia are conducted. Sessions are also conducted on a wide range of topics on health and nutrition.

Yoga and Meditation

As per the government directive, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on 21st June since 2016-2017. Yoga expert Ms. Sharavari Kalantre our ex-student and Trained Yoga Therapist & Dietitian is invited every year along with her team to conduct sessions for staff as well as students. It is planned and executed by NSS cell and Diet Counseling cell.

Also to inculcate the habit of healthy body for healthy mind “Alternative health therapy” as a subject is introduced at the Masters level across all specializations.

Grievance Redressal

The college aims at effective, timely redressal of grievances and concerns, as and when they arise. The grievance committee meets as and when required.

A box marked ‘Grievance Box’ is placed on the ground floor near the receptionist. Any student, support staff, teaching and non-teaching staff may put in their case/concern with name, date and class in the grievance box. Confidentiality and privacy is maintained.

One may refer to the University Compendium for more details regarding the grievance redressal process.

Online Students Grievance Redressal Portal Facility

For students/prospective students of the college : In case of any grievances as given in the UGC (Grievance Redressal) Regulations 2012 circular, with links provided below you can access the Online Students Grievance Redressal Portal on the College website to lodge the grievance.

The application form for Redressal of Grievances is provided below


College Grievance Redressal Cell (CGRC) :

Student Handbook and Rules (PDF)

In order to facilitate students to have a clear understanding about the College, its functioning, facilities offered, University rules and regulations and code of conduct, the Student Handbook has been conceptualized. To view the Student Handbook

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