“The Highest Law of Love is Service”


At a time when there are is increasing national and global health challenges as well as awareness to the concept of fitness, the college too has extended its support to achieving fitness. A gymnasium is established for students’ and faculty use. This gym houses both aerobic and anaerobic exercise equipments under the supervision of competent fitness trainers. The added attraction is the very nominal monthly charges of only Rs 600 monthly and an annual charge of Rs.5000. Ex-students can also utilize the facility of gymnasium.

Diet Counselling

A diet counselling centre has been established by the college as some students face the problem of underweight and obesity as well as have other health related issues. One of the major activities of the cell is the health mela which is held annually. This is conducted for the teaching, non-teaching and support staff and students. Various activities such as assessment of body composition, bone mineral density, lung function capacity as well as screening for anaemia and thalassemia are conducted. Sessions are also conducted on a wide range of topics on health and nutrition.

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