Department of Human Development

Human Development is one of the specializations offered at theat the BSc, MSc and PhD levelsat the College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan, affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

The Department vision is aligned with the college vision, and we help nurture the students’ holistic development through a curriculum and supportive actions that cater to the students’ emotional, intellectual, social, moral, and employability needs.

Originally the Department of Child Developmentwhich was affiliated to the University in 1969, and from 1991 the Department of Human Development, we facilitate students in learning powerfully the knowledge, skills, and attitudesrelevant to multiple overlapped areas of Human Development. At the BSc level, this includes courses related to Life Span Development, Marriage and Family Studies, Theories and Methods of Studying HD, Psychological Counselling and Testing, Human Exceptionality andPsychological Disorders, and Education, especially Early Childhood Care and Education.The Human Development undergraduate students’ skill development is honed through the HD UG Practicum subjects that include HD Principles of Working with Children, Adolescents and Adults;Methods of Studying HD; Curriculum Planning and Conduction in Education Settings; School Administration; Community-Based Services for Children, Youth and Adults; Human Exceptionality; & Children’s Media.

The department has a very strong research curriculum both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students complete mini-researches in small groups at the TY and MSc1 levels, and a dissertation at the MSc2 level. Students participate in research competitions at various levels and have won multiple prizes and awards (Example: Avishkar& Urjita).

Value-added Courses
  • Indian Sign Language
  • Arts Based Therapy (1 Year Diploma)
Activities of the Department

HD students have numerous opportunities to get hands-on experiences beyond the classroom, in the real world. This includes placements in schools and other HD agencies, internships, and educational visits both in Mumbai and outside Mumbai. Eminent and qualified resource persons are invited to the department as well to conduct sessions to enrich learning.

Department events include Monsoon Mela, conferences / seminars / workshops and Parent and Alumni Meets.

Future Prospects / Job Prospects

Most HD students continue to study further after completion of their BSc, generally enrolling in a Master’s degree either in Human Development itself or in allied areas such as MSW, Master’s in Special Education, Master’s in Educational Technology, MA in Psychology/Counselling Psychology/Clinical Psychology/Forensic Psychology, Master’s in Mass Media and Communication, and MBA. Some students pursue an LLB, and B.Ed.; some others enroll themselves in one-year diploma programmes. A few enter the job market directly, generally either in the ECCE sector or in an NGO. Some students, on graduation, embark on entrepreneurial ventures and open toy libraries or run activity classes for children.

At the MSc and PhD levels, the curricular design offers a unique blend of Developmental Science, Family Studies, Counselling Psychology, Education, Human Exceptionality, Psychological Disorders, Health Psychology, and Positive Psychology. Like the BSc program, the MSc program also allows entry into educational and career paths in multiple allied fields other than Home Science.

Our MSc alumnae have completed PhDs from prestigious universities both in India and abroad in areas such as Human Development, Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Education, and Information Systems. Typically, our MSc alumnae enter the world of work as University teachers, researchers, heads of departments in NGOs, educational consultants, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, soft skill specialists, counsellors, and HR managers. Department alumnae are holding positions in the best institutes of the world such as Gallup Polls, Boston Children’s Hospital, Virginia Tech University, Mathematica Policy Research, to name a few. Leading professionals in Mumbai have graduated from the department and are working in colleges and organizations such SVT College of Home Science and Muktangan Schools.